You’ve accumulated considerable wealth over your lifetime. Transferring this wealth across generations or to charitable organizations can challenge even the most savvy individuals.

Do you know how to avoid paying an unnecessarily large tax on your hard earned estate? Is Uncle Sam your largest beneficiary? Do you know exactly how your wealth will be distributed after you are gone? Even the most carefully laid plans can be decimated by neglecting estate planning.

Often this leads to asset protection strategies, including recommendations for insurance – such as life, disability, long-term care, or business insurance. In these instances we collaborate with estate planning attorneys and insurance experts.  We help you solicit quotes from multiple insurance companies based on our assessment of your insurance needs. In more complex situations, we will meet with you and the attorney or insurance agent to evaluate your specific needs and develop a package of coverage that meets your unique requirements.

Ultimately, estate planning and insurance strategies are about leaving a legacy for loved ones to provide for them if you’re no longer there to do it yourself. We take these matters very seriously, and will bring our full network of experts to work on your behalf so that the legacy you leave is everything you want it to be.

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