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We offer a free "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services and fees in exchange information to determine which of our services is right for you. This meeting will last about thirty to forty-five minutes.

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We know that no single firm or professional can adequately provide every solution to those with complex needs. Our partnership and collaborations with strategic partners also allows us to combine the best of both worlds for our clients: the independence and personalization of a small independent firm, with the resources and support of larger firms and outside specialists as needed.

WealthSpring custodies most client accounts with Fidelity Investments, a leading discount broker and custodian with over $1.5 trillion in assets under management. Fidelity provides our clients with the platform and resources of one of the world’s largest investment firms while providing back-office processing and reporting to WealthSpring’s advisors. WealthSpring clients have 24-hour on-line access to their accounts.

In addition to our partnership with Fidelity, our collaboration with some of the finest CPA’s, attorneys, investment managers, and other independent experts allows us to deliver the ultimate in comprehensive wealth management.

WealthSpring has no legal or financial relationship with these independent experts.  They are skilled specialists we have identified and work with cooperatively in order to bring our clients better products and services. WealthSpring does have a standard legal relationship, common between custodians and independent financial advisors, which provides WealthSpring with back office custodial services.


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We know that no single firm or professional can adequately provide every solution to those with complex needs. More